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        Address:Peijie, Xia County, Yuncheng, Shanxi
        Post code:044400
        Contact:Tong Hailing

        Speech of chairman
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        Yuncheng Hongxin ventilation equipment Co., Ltd. chairman Mr Tong tide

        Dear old and new customers:
        How do you do!
            Since the establishment of our company, after many years of continuous development, has become Yuncheng Shanxi area of the larger fan manufacturers. We are adhering to the "self-improvement, the courage to go beyond the" spirit of enterprise, the implementation of "honesty, innovation, leading technology, cooperation and win-win" business philosophy, carry out the state vigorously support infrastructure projects to ensure the safety and quality of project of macroeconomic policy, in China the best ventilation equipment manufacturing as its mission, striving for an international brand, macro trade wind machine series products to the world. In order to achieve to improve both economic benefit and social benefit as the goal, the staff is diligent, hard work ahead, in promoting wind turbine industry healthy development, made outstanding contributions to promote ventilation equipment industrial technology revolution. At present, the company has more than 60 sales agents throughout the country, basically formed the production, sales, construction, scientific research and development model.
                Finely crafted, we down-to-earth; mind the world, we are ambitious. Based on the geographical advantages of Golden Triangle, the Yellow River, radiation throughout the country, look to the world. Face the future, now enter the international market. We have only one goal: through their own strength and contribution to the community, with "good faith and quality" to shape the brand of China's wind turbine industry, so that China's wind turbine renowned international!
            We are convinced that: maturity of Hongxin brands will be at a more robust pace, and urgency, a sense of mission to sense lead Hongxin people stride forward. Uphold the integrity, open concept, our company is willing to work together with you to create a more glorious and resplendent tomorrow.